Ideal® Industries Receptacle Testers

Receptacle Testers, 125 Vac.

Warns against faulty wiring in 3-wire receptacles

Item Code: 131-61-501

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Greenlee® Tempo Filter Probes

Tempo Filter Probes, 9V Battery.

Three types of noise filtration virtually eliminates power-related noise

Filters out 60Hz and its harmonics and can be used with any tone generator

Adjustable sensitivity/volume control

Item Code: 332-200FP

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Greenlee® Touchless AC Voltage Indicators

Touchless Ac Voltage Indicators, 1,000 Vac, Battery.

Adjustable Sensitivity

Item Code: 332-2010

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Greenlee® Tempo Tracker II

Tempo Tracker Ii, (8) Aa & (1) 9V Batteries.

Transmitter output and receiver sensitiv

Lightweight receiver provides audible and visual indications of signal strength

Traces the path and determines the depth of wires and metallic pipes on active or dead systems without having to deactivate the system

Item Code: 332-501

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Greenlee® Phase Sequence Indicators

Phase Sequence Indicators, 600 V.

Clockwise and counterclockwise indication via neon lamps

Identifies L1, L2, L3 phases and indicates rotation of the motor before installation

Item Code: 332-5702

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Greenlee® Gas Lamp Testers

Gas Lamp Testers, 500 Vac.

Checks starters, resistors, igniters, capacitors, photo cells and non-electronic ballasts

Test most fluorescent lamps, low pressure sodium vapor, high pressure sodium discharge lamps, neon tubes, mercury vapor and metal halide lamps

Item Code: 332-5715

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Greenlee® Megohmmeters

Megohmmeters, 5,000 V.

Extra-large analog display for easy viewing

Item Code: 332-5990

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Greenlee® 701K-G Tone and Probe Kit

701K-G Tone And Probe Kit.

Large speaker for noisy environments

Easy to operate and extremely reliable

Professional tone and probe tracing kit

Item Code: 332-701K-G

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Greenlee® Tempo Professional Tone & Probe Kits

Tempo Professional Tone & Probe Kits.

Use on single conductors, twisted pairs, coax cable and de-energized electrical wiring

Item Code: 332-711K

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Greenlee®77HP-G Tone Generator

77Hp-G Tone Generator.

Can be used on twisted pair wiring (telecom, datacom, etc.), single conductors, coaxial cables, de-energized AC wiring and most other wiring

Permits technicians to identify the conductor within a bundle at a cross-connect point or at the remote end

Item Code: 332-77HP-G

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Greenlee® Tempo Premium Tone & Probe Kits

Tempo Premium Tone & Probe Kits.

Designed for more accurate wire identification, the 801K virtually eliminates power-related noise from the tone and probe operation

Item Code: 332-801K


Greenlee® Line Splitters

Line Splitters.

Splits lines for independent testing with clamp-on meters

Item Code: 332-93-30

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Greenlee® Buried Line Locators

Buried Line Locators, 600Vac/300 Vdc, (8) Aa Batteries.

Receiver automatically locks out passive range when it detects a transmitter s

Automatic signal boost makes it easy to trace lines, even those with very weak signals

LED and LCD signal strength indicators make it quick and easy to find exact line location

Item Code: 332-BLL-200

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Greenlee® Circuit Seekers

Circuit Seekers, 750 V, (4) Aa Batteries.

Locate breakers for any circuit - live or open

Able to trace concealed wires (behind walls, in floors, in non-metallic conduit) without power interruption on circuits

Item Code: 332-CS-8000

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Greenlee® DM-210A Digital Multimeter with Auto and Manual Ranging

Dm-210A Digital Multimeter With Auto And Manual Ranging.

BeepJack warns when test leads are incorrectly inserted in current m

Two voltage detection modes - non-contact or using a single test lead

Backlit LCD with 6,000 count display

Tests continuity and diodes

Item Code: 332-DM-210A

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Greenlee® DM-810A True RMS Digital Multimeter 1000 Volt

Dm-810A True Rms Digital Multimeter 1000 Volt.

BeepJack warns when test leads are incorrectly inserted in current measurement termi

Backlit LCD with dual 10,000 count display

Tests continuity and diodes

Measures voltage, current,resistance, capacitance and frequency

Item Code: 332-DM-810A

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Greenlee® Polarity Cubes

Polarity Cubes

Light sequence indicates correct/incorrect wiring

Trouble shoot 120 V AC grounded outlets

Designed for 3 wire NEMA 120 volt receptacles

Item Code: 332-GT-10GFI

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Greenlee® Voltage Testers

Voltage Testers, 1,000 Vac.

AC/DC voltage and polarity measurement LCD and dual color LED

Item Code: 332-GT-65

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Greenlee® Voltage Testers

Voltage Testers, 1,000 Vac.

AC/DC voltage and polarity measurement LCD and dual color LED

Item Code: 332-GT-95

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Greenlee® Lamp and Lamp Component Testers

Lamp And Lamp Component Testers, 250 Vac.

Live conductor sensing

Tests HID and fluorescent lamps

Item Code: 332-LT-100

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)