Misty® Si-Dry Silicone Lubricants

Misty Si-Dry Silicone Lubricants, Aerosol Can

50 state compliant


Fan spray pattern reduces overspray and waste

Food and textile grade dry silicone spray

Item Code: 019-A329-16

Pack/UOM: CA (1-CA/CA)

Amrep Inc. I-chem Dry Film Ptfe Lube

Fifty state VOC Compliant

Maximum lubricity ultra dry film will not attract dust or dirt

Non-chlorinated, non-greasy, non-staining

Outperforms silicone or graphite with no paint conflicts

Item Code: 019-A339-20

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)

Misty® Chain & Cable Lubricants


Fortified with moly and PTFE

Ideal for chains, cables and moving assemblies

Lubricates and reduces friction

No chlorinated solvents or ozone depleters

Item Code: 019-A352-16

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)

Misty® Free-Exe™ Penetrating Lubricants


Advanced formula penetrating lubricant

Freezing action breaks open rust barrier

Nonconductive to 33,000 volts

Ultra low VOC content and no chlorinated solvents or ozone depleters

Item Code: 019-A394-16

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)

Misty® No-Mess Anti-seize Compounds

No-Mess Anti-seize Compounds, 8 oz Aerosol Can

High quality anti-seize compound that makes the removal of nuts and bolts easy, even after exposure to extremely high temperatures

Unique applicator system allows the compound to be quickly and neatly applied to threads without mess or waste

Item Code: 019-A739-8

Pack/UOM: CA (CA)

Misty® CF5D+ Diesel Fuel Stabilizers

CF5D+ Diesel Fuel Stabilizers, 1 qt, Bottle


Can lower diesel fuel pour point to -50F

Cetane improver

Concentrated diesel fuel stabilizer formula

Item Code: 019-G421-12

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)

Misty® Red Grease Superfilm®

MistyRed Grease Superfilm, 14 oz Cartridge

Adhesive & cohesive properties

All-purpose non-melt grease formulated with extreme pressure & anti-wear additives

Good resistance to environmental conditions

Protects indoors/outdoors

Item Code: 019-G726-14

Pack/UOM: CA (48-CA/CA)

Zep Professional® Z-Works PTFE Lubricants


Leaves behind a friction reducing film

Premium, long-lasting lubricant

PTFE formulation penetrates rapidly to loosen parts frozen due to wear, corrosion, and grime buildup

Item Code: 019-R07001

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)

Zep Professional® Z-Works High Pressure Lubricants


Designed for high-load and extreme temperature applications, product adheres to surfaces to prevent lubricant squeeze out/spin off

Sets up as a gel

Sprays on surfaces as a liquid to penetrate into tight areas

Item Code: 019-R07101

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)

Zep Professional® Z-Works Rapid Penetrants


Applies to surface as yellow foam to ensure even application and adequate contact time

Multi-purpose, fast-acting aerosol penetrant and lubricant that effectively displaces water

Silicone formulation prevents corrosion

Item Code: 019-R07201

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)

Zep Professional® Z-Works PTFE Lubricants


Leaves behind a friction reducing film

Premium, long-lasting lubricant

PTFE formulation penetrates rapidly to loosen parts frozen due to wear, corrosion, and grime buildup

Item Code: 019-R07424

Pack/UOM: CA (4-CA/CA)

Zep Professional® Dielectric Grease

Dielectric Grease, Aerosol Can

360° valve (can sprays upside-down)

Dielectric strength of 36kV

This high performing dielectric grease protects, lubricates and waterproofs electrical contacts, o-rings, rubber and plastic components and prevents leakage around electrical connections

Item Code: 019-R21601

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)

Zep Professional® Z- Works Dry Film Lubricants

Z- Works Dry Film Lubricants, 13 oz Aerosol Can

Colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and non-staining

Heavy-duty, long-lasting, dry-film lubricant containing friction-reducing components

Helps inhibit corrosion

Will not rinse off

Item Code: 019-R21701

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)

Zep Professional® Z-Works Chlorinated Lubricants


Removes accumulations of grease and grime from surfaces to allow contact with the lubricating, protective film

Item Code: 019-R22001

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)

Displaces moisture on ignition wiring

Stops squeaking of any kind

Valve sprays at any angle and gets to hard-to-reach places

Item Code: 019-R22101

Pack/UOM: CA (CA)

Zep Professional® Z-Works Moly Lubricants

Z-Works Moly Lubricants, 18 oz Aerosol Can

Dry-film molybdenum lubricant that withstands high temperatures and pressures

Protects metal surfaces from rusting and corrosion by displacing moisture

Item Code: 019-R22201

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)

Z-Works Multi-Purpose Grease, Aerosol Can

Ideal for spot coverage or where a smooth, even film is required

Sprays on as liquid and sets up like grease

Won't run or drip

Works in high temperatures

Item Code: 019-R22401

Pack/UOM: CA (CA)

For indoor and outdoor use

Reduces metal to metal friction

Use on gears, chain drives, pumps, conveyors, transmissions, cranes, draglines, heavy equipment and machine parts

Will not wash off with water

Item Code: 019-R22501

Pack/UOM: CA (CA)

Zep Professional® Cutting Oils


Eliminates heat at its source to insure clean, smooth cuts, and prolong tool life

Leaves a temporary, rust-inhibiting coating on tools and freshly cut metal surfaces

Provides maximum lubrication, reduces friction, and results in minimal wear

Item Code: 019-R22601

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)

Zep Professional® Metal Protectants

Metal Protectant, 13 oz Aerosol Can

Dries to form a transparent, wax-type protective film of approximately 1 mm thick

Use indoors or outdoors on both ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces

Item Code: 019-R22701

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)