Bessey BKPH Lock-Back Utility Knives

Bkph Lock-Back Utility Knives, 3.89 In, Utility Steel Blade, Abs, Red/Black.


Spindle has a 36mm hexagonal head to assist in tightening (torque of 100 Nm or less.)

Extra heavy duty

Comes with standard rail profile, MorPad

Item Code: 013-D-BKPH

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Ampco Safety Tools Common Knives

Common Knives, 6 3/4 In, Wood Handle.


Made in the USA

Corrosion resistant


Item Code: 065-K-1

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Ampco Safety Tools Linoleum Knives

Linoleum Knives, 7 1/2 In, Wood Handle.


Made in the USA

Corrosion resistant


Item Code: 065-K-40

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Ampco Safety Tools Common Knives

Common Knives, 10 1/4 In, Wood Handle.


Made in the USA


Corrosion resistant

Item Code: 065-K-5

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Anchor Brand Auto Load Utility Knife

Auto Load Utility Knife, Steel Blade, 10 Blades.

Replacement blades AB-11-100

Stores 10 blades in body

Auto load feature

Retractable blade

Item Code: 102-AB-2600

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

DeWalt® Folding Retractable Auto-Load Pocket Knives

Folding Retractable Auto-Load Pocket Knives, 6 3/4 in, Retractable Blade, Yellow

One-handed folding for quick and easy opening and closing

Accepts all utility blades, does not require special blade packs

Quick and easy blade loading intuitively functions as a regular folding knife

Automatically loads a new blade

Item Code: 115-DWHT10261

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Wiss® Round-Point Utility Blades

Round-Point Utility Blades, 1 In, Steel, 100 Per Pack.

Designed to fit most standard utility knives

Heavy-duty steel blades for sharp cutting every time

Features round tips to help prevent puncturing

Item Code: 186-RWK18D

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Wiss® Retractable Utility Knives

Retractable Utility Knives, 6 In, Heavy Duty Steel Blade, Steel, Red.

Popular all-purpose retractable knife

Metal case painted Cooper red for easy visibility

Easy-run slide uses all standard replacement blades

Item Code: 186-WK8V

Pack/UOM: EA (1EA)

Wiss® Quick Change Utility Knives

Quick Change Utility Knives, 5 3/4 In, Heavy Duty Steel Blade, Steel, Gray.

Sleek new appearance, compact design, and quick and easy blade change

It features a soft, ergonomic handle design for better comfort

Item Code: 186-WKF1

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Xcelite® Light Duty Knives

Light Duty Knives, 5 13/16 In, Steel Blade.

Precision made for durable life

Interchangeable blades held firm in sure-locking four jaw chuck

For light-duty cutting of paper, soft and light-weight materials, or wood

Item Code: 188-XN100

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Xcelite® Light and Medium Duty Knife Sets

48774 Knife Set.

For a wide range of cutting operations

Item Code: 188-XNS100


Gerber® Gator® Folding Knives

Gator Folding Knives, 8 1/2 in , Straight Edge 420Hc Stainless Steel Blade, Nylon

Glass-filled nylon handle with Gator grip overmold

Gator grip handles employ advanced thermoplastics with alligator skin texture for great gripping

Item Code: 313-06069

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Gerber® Pro Scout™ Multi-Plier®

Pro Scout Multi-Plier, 12 Tools, Nylon Sheath.

Flick of the wrist, one-handed opening pliers

Deluxe version of the Multi-Plier

Item Code: 313-07563

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Gerber® Suspension™ Multi-Plier®

Suspension Multi-Plier, 12 Tools

Spring action pliers

Open frame configuration

Includes Saf.T.Plus component locking system

Butteryfly Opening

Item Code: 313-22-01471

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Gerber® Diesel™ Multi-Plier®

Diesel Multi-Plier, 9 Tools, Black

Made of rugged stainless steel

Each tool locks into place for maximum safety and security with the Saf.T.Plus system

Features the ease and convenience of wrist-flick deployment

Item Code: 313-22-01545

Pack/UOM: PK (3-PK/PK)

Klein Tools Cable-Sheath Splitting Knives

Cable-Sheath Splitting Knives, 8 3/4 In, Steel Blade, Black.

Tempered blade

For splitting cable sheaths

Chisel shaped edge

Item Code: 409-1515-1

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Klein Tools Coping-Type Pocket Knives

Coping-Type Pocket Knives, 5 3/4 In, Carbon Steel Blade, Plastic, Black.

Skins small wire and cable

Compact and lightweight

Item Code: 409-1550-11

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Klein Tools Two-Blade Pocket Knives

Two-Blade Pocket Knives, 2 1/2 in Spearpoint, 2 1/2 in Screwdriver Tip.

Screwdriver blade locks open

Tough plastic handle won't crack or chip

Item Code: 409-1550-2

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)