Zep Professional® Advantage+ Wall Mount Dispensers

Advantage+ Wall Mount Dispenser - Air gap

Diluted product will dispense at a rate of 2.5 GPM

Dispense up to 4 chemical products - 4 high flow, 4 low flow

Dispenser with air gap meets plumbing regulations

Easy installation-no tubes or metering tips to install

Item Code: 019-1045915

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

Zep Professional® Advantage+ Portable Dispensers

Advantage+ Portable Dispenser - Backflow Preventer

Diluted product will dispense at a rate of 2.5 GPM

Dispenser with backflow preventer for areas with plumbing regulations

Improves sustainability and ensures safety

Perfect for small spaces or in locations where janitor's closet is not available

Item Code: 019-1045919

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

i-Chem® Precision Contact Cleaners

Precision Contact Cleaners, 11 oz Aerosol Can

Cleans dirt, flux and light oils from sensitive electronics and electrical equipment

Component plastic compatible

Fast drying, nonconductive to 25,000 volts

No ozone depleters

Item Code: 019-A1368-20

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)

Misty® Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish, 15 oz Aerosol Can

A blend of special cleaners and polishing oils ideal for use on brushed and high-gloss metal surfaces


Restores a “like new” shine and leaves a protective coating to help retard tarnishing

Item Code: 019-A141-20

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)

Misty® All-Purpose Cleaners

All-Purpose Cleaners, 19 oz Aerosol Can

High-foaming action instantly cleans and polishes most hard surfaces


Item Code: 019-A170-20

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)

i-Chem® Citrus Solvent Degreasers

Citrus Solvent Degreasers, 14 oz Aerosol Can

Dual action valve for light and blast spray

Fifty state compliant

For use on metals, durable plastics and rubber substrates

Mild citrus aroma

Item Code: 019-A355-20

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)

Misty® Contact & Circuit Board Cleaner V

Contact & Circuit Board Cleaner V, 11 oz Aerosol Can

Compatible with most plastics

Fast Dry Nonflammable Electronics Cleaner

Nonconductive to 25,000 volts

Removes, dirt, dust, flux and light oils

Item Code: 019-A368-16

Pack/UOM: CA (1-CA/CA)

Misty® Contact & Circuit Board Cleaner IV

Contact & Circuit Board Cleaner IV, 10 oz Aerosol Can

Compatible with plastics when used as directed

Dries with no residue

Nonconductive to Over 18 KV per ASTM D-877

Not categorized as flammable per CPSC flame projection test

Item Code: 019-A369-16

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)

Misty® Brake & Parts Cleaner "50"

Brake & Parts Cleaner "50", 14 oz Aerosol Can

Fifty state VOC Compliant

Item Code: 019-A730-20

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)

Misty® Brake & Parts Cleaner EF

Brake & Parts Cleaner EF, 14 oz Aerosol Can

Also suitable for cleaning equipment, tool and parts

Removes brake fluid, grease and oil from linings, pads, drums, cylinders and springs without disassembling the brake unit

Item Code: 019-A732-20

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)

Misty® Brake Parts Cleaner II

Brake Parts Cleaner II, 20 oz Aerosol Can

Paint and plastic safe formula

Thirty-five state VOC compliant

Item Code: 019-A734-20

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)

Zep Professional® Vandal Mark Removers

Vandal Mark Removers, 24 oz Aerosol Can

For use on most painted surfaces, wood paneling, furniture and Formica

Removes ball point pen ink, marker ink, printing ink, pencil, crayon, and lipstick from surfaces which may be damaged by ordinary graffiti removers

Item Code: 019-R06201

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)

Zep Professional® Foaming AC Coil Cleaners

Foaming AC Coil Cleaners, 20 oz Aerosol Can

Air conditioning coil cleaner designed to clean the exterior surfaces of coils on window and rooftop air conditioning units

No rinsing required

VOC compliant

Item Code: 019-R06301

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)

Zep Professional® AC Coil Cleaners

AC Coil Cleaners, 1 gal Bottle

Concentrated, heavy-duty AC coil cleaner suitable for indoor use

Reduces cooling expense by promoting efficient heat transfer on coils

Item Code: 019-R06524

Pack/UOM: CA (CA)

Zep Professional® Foaming Heavy Duty Degreasers

Foaming Heavy Duty Degreasers, 24 oz Aerosol Can

For use on vinyl, ceramic, Formica, porcelain, stainless steel, and other hard surfaces

Industrial strength aerosol cleaner and degreaser strong enough for the toughest cleaning jobs

Item Code: 019-R06701

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)

Zep Professional® Foaming Citrus Cleaners

Foaming Citrus Cleaners, 24 oz Aerosol Can

Clings to vertical surfaces for enhanced performance and prolonged contact time

Rich foaming, multi-purpose citrus aerosol safely cleans a wide variety of hard surfaces

Item Code: 019-R06801

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)

Zep Professional® Z-Verdant RTU

Z-Verdant RTU, 12 qt Trigger Spray Bottle

Environmentally preferred, ready to use cleaner for use on multiple surfaces and tough soils

May be used on any surface not harmed by water

Item Code: 019-R06901

Pack/UOM: CA (12-CA/CA)

Zep Professional® Self Emulsifying Solvent Degreasers

Self Emulsifying Solvent Degreasers, 1 gal Can

Composed of grease fighting solvents and emulsifiers Works well on heavy and light cleaning such as engines, machinery and oil soaked floors

Concentrated, rinseable, general-purpose solvent cleaner

Low odor formulation suitable for indoor use

May be diluted before use

Item Code: 019-R07624

Pack/UOM: CA (4-CA/CA)

Zep Professional® Heavy Duty Citrus Degreasers

Heavy Duty Citrus Degreasers, 1 gal Can

Perfect for appliances , grills, stovetops, bikes and more

Powers through the worst dirt and leaves a fresh citrus scent

Safe for most surfaces

Item Code: 019-R07724

Pack/UOM: CA (4-CA/CA)

Zep Professional® VOC Compliant Solvent Degreasers

VOC Compliant Solvent Degreasers, 5 gal Pail

Contains citrus solvent

Environmentally preferred, solvent-based degreaser

Moderate evaporation rate

Item Code: 019-R07835

Pack/UOM: PA (1-PA/PA)